Happy 420 Jungle Mashup - Aphrodite's Remixes of Dopeman and I Got 5 On It

Happy 420 everyone! It's kind of fitting too that this is my 20th music video on @threespeak!

Today I am celebrating the day with some gorilla glue 4 and some cookies and cream dabs, and decided to get out the iPad and mess around with a little mix.

I am mashing up DJ Aphrodite's remixes of N.W.A's Dopeman, which I used to have this as a white label on vinyl back in the old school days, and the other track is his remix of I Got 5 On It.

Today I am using Traktor DJ on the iPad by Native Instruments. I have a physical mixer/controller for it, but was too high and lazy to pull it out and hook that all up so I messed around with the bare iPad, so the cross fader cuts aren't as smooth as I like and I didn't have the same EQ controls... I am old school and like a physical feel, but didn't do too bad IMO all things considering!

Anyway, enjoy the mashup, I had fun making it!

Happy 4/20!

Keep calm and groove on!



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