GrooveCast In The Kitchen - Psytrance to Drum and Bass

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I have had a chance to play a full on hour set, or close to it at least.

I am hanging out house sitting for my sister and decided to set up and have a good jam session.

I dug into some psytrance crates I haven't played in a while, but I did my best to make them sound good! Had one pretty solid mishap, which shows you that even using Traktor DJ on the iPad and the Z1 controller, you can still goof up, lol. It also helps if the track is produced correctly, lol.

I decided a little over half way through to shift into some drum and bass to finish it out and did a super smooth tempo change.

Here is the tracklist:

Psytrace portion:
Song - Artist

  1. Calling You - Life Extension
  2. Cosmodrome (Astro-D Remix) - Ubar Tmar
  3. Green Lands - Sine Eye
  4. High Tech Love - Red Psy
  5. Mechanics - Triscele
  6. Black and White - Sonic Elysium
  7. High Visions - Drop Control
  8. Liquid Time - Ground 0

Drum and Bass Portion:

  1. A Simple Love (B Motion Remix) - Moby
  2. By Your Side - Blaine Stranger
  3. Revolution (feat. Miss Trouble) - InsideInfo
  4. Burgle - Ekko & Sidetrack
  5. Breathe (feat. Goldi Phone Home) - Murdock
  6. Figure - Koven

Hope you enjoy!

Keep calm and groove on!


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